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The Easy 3-Step Process To An Organized Desk


Imagine this scenario:

You sit down at your desk, ready for a nice, productive day of work. You need a specific file to get started on a new project. You look around and realize that in all the mess on your desk, you don’t have a clue where you placed the file. You start rummaging, shuffling messy piles from one section of your desk to another. After an hour and a half, you finally find the file. Now you’re upset because you wasted so much time looking for the thing to begin with.

Does this sound familiar?

Getting your desk organized will help you to become more productive, almost overnight. In fact, staying organized can shave minutes, even an hour or more off your day. Your time is precious, so don’t waste any more hunting for what you should be able to automatically lay your hands on. Use this simple 3-step process to organize your desk today:

1. Clear everything off the top of your desk. If you have to, get a box and put everything inside it. Using the one-touch rule (you can only touch everything one time), go through the box and either throw it away, put it in your To Do folder, or file it.

2. Get rid of the extra clutter. Special knick-knacks, like pictures of family members and trinket boxes that your child made you for Christmas are cute little reminders of what you love. However, if these cute little reminders are multiplying overnight and taking over your desk, then it’s time for them to go. Keep only a couple, three at the most, of these special items. Bring the rest of them home, where they belong.

3. Make a “tomorrow” pile. Now that your desk is clean and free of clutter, choose a certain spot on your desk for your tomorrow pile. This is simply a specific place where you will place unfinished work or things that need to be done on the following day of work.

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