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5 Golden Nuggets for Creativity


Are you creative juices drying up? Do you feel like it’s just too difficult to come up with new ideas? Believe it or not, creativity is not something that only comes and goes with a Muse. Creativity can be generated and conjured simply by becoming active.

Here are three terrific ways to stir up your creativity and generate fresh inspiration today:

1) Spend a day out. If you are always in the office, you probably hardly ever stop to take the time to get out. Make a “play” date with yourself. Visit a local museum or take a trip to an aquarium. Do something totally out of the norm. You’ll feel inspiration stirring soon!

2) Get a hobby. Do you always feel overworked? If you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll constantly be stressed out. A hobby can not only help relax you, but take your mind off work for a while.

3) Go for a walk. Studies have shown that exercise helps to promote creativity. If you’re feeling especially low on ideas, put on your walking shoes and head outside for a 2-0-minute walk. Bring a pocket notebook or camera to capture ideas as they come to you.

4) Listen to classical music. Great classicals can stir your creativity like nothing else can. Go for Beethoven or Bach. Close your eyes for the first few minutes as you allow the musical notes to waft over you.

5) Solve a problem. If your lack of creativity right now is mostly due to a personal problem, there’s only one way around it. Grab a pen and paper and write down the problem. Now brainstorm ways to solve that problem.

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