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3 Simple Ways to Show Your Teen You Care


Teenagers go through quite a bit of physical and emotional changes. If you are the parent of a teen, it is crucial that you make sure they know how much you care about them. Many parents fear of pushing their teens away from them if they show interest in their lives. The truth is, teens need to know their parents care.

Here are three ways you can show your teen that you care:

1) Ask about her day. I know your life is busy. You have a career; you’re worried about making ends meet; you’re thinking about how you can better your family. Don’t forget to take the time to stop and ask your teen how her day was. She may not be willing to give you a run-down on all the details, but show your care.

2) Give him choices. It is natural for parents to try to hold the reins tighter as your teen gets older. The only thing this will lead to though, is making him want to pull away from you even more. Instead, give him choices. Letting him make certain decisions will do several things for him: learn how to make good choices, learn from his mistakes, and take pride in himself.

3) Pay her a compliment. Every child, no matter how young or old, needs to hear nice things about themselves. If they don’t get it from home, I can assure you they will search for it somewhere else. Let her know when she’s done a good job. Tell him that you’re proud when he brings home a 4.0 report card. Pay them the compliments they deserve.

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