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The #1 Reason Why You Should Forgive


If you have survived a major traumatic life event and are finding it difficult to forgive, you are among millions of people who harbor ill feelings towards others. For some, a grudge takes hold when you focus on the bad thing that happened to you. For others, a grudge takes seed almost silently and unknowingly: you think you’re over it, but then you discover you still haven’t forgive the other person.

Forgiveness seems like such an easy thing to do, but it isn’t. Forgiving someone who has wronged you is a very difficult thing to do. Some people live their entire lives unwilling and unable to forgive someone else.

The only person being hurt by your inability to forgive is you. In fact, in many situations, the other person doesn’t even realize you have these bad feelings towards them. They often may have even forgotten about the incident that lives fresh in your mind every day.
Holding negative feelings against someone and never forgiving them causes you to become negative. This single event leads to a shift in your way of thinking. You might become pessimistic and feel like everyone else is out to get you. You might build a wall so nobody else can get close enough to hurt you again.

The number one reason you should forgive is so that you can begin to be healed. When you are finally able to release what happened in the past and make amends with that person within yourself, you will be able to finally move forward in your own life. You’ll feel as though a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders.
Forgiving someone else for something bad that happened isn’t for them. Forgiveness is for you.

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