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Daily Motivation Steps
by Dr Greg Frost


Feeling depleted of energy? Has your mojo played out? Tired of your current position in life? If you’re feeling void of enthusiasm, this article gives you some super easy ways to get motivated again. Try them out!


  • Play “What if?” Ask yourself a series of inspiring “What if…?” questions. What if you had everything you ever wanted? What if you lived in the perfect home? What if you had an ideal job? Using these “What if…?” questions will help you see where you want to be in the future and will motivate you to keep moving on.

  • Weight your options. If you’re thinking about quitting, sit down and take a cold, hard look at your options. Is quitting a reasonable choice? Or are you letting fear rule your emotions?

  • Plan ahead. It has been said that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. This is so true! If you don’t have a solid plan of action you will be more prone to become easily sidetracked. Start with today and create your plan of action.

  • Set up a rewards system for yourself. As simple and crazy as this might sound, reward yourself for jobs well done with something special. Plan a special night on the town, or your favorite chocolate bar after completing a major project. You’ll probably be surprised at how much these little things can keep you motivated throughout the day.

  • Ask for help. For some reason, very few people like to ask others for help. And that is precisely why so many people are frustrated and worn out at the end of the day. Instead of pushing yourself to do too much, ask someone for their help.

Practicing all of these exercises on a daily basis would most certainly boost your motivation and allow you to accomplish the goals that you set for yourself.


Dr Greg Frost is the Director of ChargedAudio™ . A premier subliminal technology specialist company. Established since 1981, they have been providing the best and most innovative self improvement subliminal products to thousands of their clients. You can visit them at