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Steps to a Smarter Brain
by Dr Greg Frost


Face it, everyone wants to be smarter. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where everyone is around them is talking and they have no idea what is going on because they do not understand the subject matter. The desire for greater intelligence is universal, encompassing all races and ages.

Why, then, don’t people just go about making themselves smarter? The trouble lies in the fact that many people are taught from birth that they are either born intelligent or they are not, and nothing is going to change that. For this reason many individuals do not even make the effort to increase their brainpower; they assume that if they are doomed to fail there is no point in making the effort.

The good news for these individuals is that science has proved there is indeed a point. The brain is a muscle, perhaps the most essential muscle to be found in the human body, and like any muscle it needs exercise and proper care. As children humans use their brains for a variety of uses, both creative and academic; however, as these children become adults they begin to slide into a rut wherein they do not use a portion of the abilities that their brain possesses. Like any muscle the brain loses power if it is not used; therefore, these people lose the abilities that they may have previously possessed. Through careful training the brain can regain many of its lost abilities.

          Listed below are four exercises to start people on the path to good mental health. Through constant repetition, increased periods of training and a constant expansion of their repertoire anyone can become smarter.


    • Meditate. Throughout the day people are exposed to a variety of stimuli which cause a different reaction in the brain. At any given point in time a person may be walking while talking on the phone, listening to the crush of noises around them and attempting to think about what they are going to make for dinner that night, while at the same time trying to solve any difficulties they may have encountered throughout the course of their workday and focusing on any difficulties that they may be encountering in a relationship. Just as the body could not be expected to be able to function at its peak abilities while attempting to do several tasks at one time neither can the brain perform at optimum efficiency under excessive demands. Meditation will allow the brain to clear and, in clearing, regain the ability to focus on one item at a time. Increased concentration will lead to increased ability.

    • Develop good thinking habits. As children we learn a great deal on a daily basis because we are never content to settle for what a thing appears to be on the surface. We must always know what it is, what it does, why it does it and how it works. As we become adults we lose this curiosity, which causes our brain to begin to accept things at face value as well. By teaching our brain to question the why and the how of things we will gain a greater understanding of the world around us and open our minds to be more flexible.

    • Learn a language. Learning a language has been proven in various studies to slow down the natural degenerative process of the brain as it ages (no, it’s not all in how you use it; just as the body begins to slow down with age and must be trained to keep fit so too does the brain undergo a natural degeneration). Learning a language encourages the brain to stretch, not only to memorize a new vocabulary but to understand the differences between that language and their own so that they will be able to understand the nuances in the language as well as speak it.

    • Read. Anything. Everything. The brain is a sponge with an almost infinite ability to absorb the world around it; however, as an adult humans often find themselves sliding into a daily routine that does not allow the brain to receive a great deal of additional stimulus. By picking up a book, a magazine or a newspaper you are opening your brain up to new concepts and ideas that will allow it to retain and review what it has seen.

    By practicing all of these exercises every day the power of your brain will grow exponentially, and you too will be able to be smarter.


Dr Greg Frost is the Director of ChargedAudio™ . A premier subliminal technology specialist company. Established since 1981, they have been providing the best and most innovative self improvement subliminal products to thousands of their clients. You can visit them at