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Subliminal Audio Programs And The Placebo Effect
by Gregory E.Alan


I may look just like an average Joe you see walking down the street. However, I am proud to be a living testimonial for subliminal audio programs. Ever since I started using subliminal audio programs, my academic performance, work efficiency, memory, self esteem, energy level, and motivation have considerably improved and are noticeably by friends and colleagues around me.

Like a lot of folks out there, I was rather unconvinced that subliminal programming could help improve my life. However, that was in the past, and I am now a loyal advocate towards the use of subliminal programming techniques and programs. But then again, when I share my experiences with others, there are always people who raise the issue of the placebo effect, arguing that it is the user's belief in the program that brings about the positive changes, instead of the audio programs.

Their points are not completely unjustified though. There were studies that revealed that about twenty percent of subliminal audio program users show signs of positive changes even though the audio tracks they were listening to, does not have any subliminal messages or affirmations embedded. Similarly there were also studies that showed how some users made “incorrect” improvements when they listened to incorrectly labeled subliminal audio tracks.

The issue on hand would then be to learn how to distinguish between actual subliminal programming and the placebo effect. From what I know, we are most likely unable to find out the difference. On the other hand, would it be important that we differentiate between the placebo effect and the true effect? Since the aim of subliminal audio programs is to re-program the human mind and change their mindsets, I don't see any critical reason for us to find out more about the placebo effect. The important idea about the placebo effect is that, if it is present, it can only help to speed up and increase the effects of the audio program.

From the past few subliminal titles I have tried, I can sometimes observe a difference in my behavior within a week of listening. It is much faster than usual, and I couldn't find another way to explain it apart from attributing it to the placebo effect. My belief in the strength of the subliminal program has helped the program to activate a change in me much faster and stronger than the product itself. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, if there's any placebo effect, it can only be to my advantage. So the issue of the placebo effect no longer bothers me. I just put my belief in whatever subliminal audio program I use, and I see changes. That's just what I want!

My wife on the other hand, hates it when she meets up with things that cannot be explained. Therefore, she did her own secret experiments to see the effects of subliminal programs without any placebo effect. One of them involved exposing an unsuspecting individual to a subliminal program that attempts to induce one to eat more fruits. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was the test subject of my wife's secret experiment that went on for about a month without my knowledge. I did not notice it myself, but a month after my wife started her experiment, she confessed that she had ordered a custom-recorded subliminal audio program from a month ago, and started playing it every evening during dinner time. I remembered asking her about it, but she told me that it was for mental relaxation.

So what is the result of her experiment? Throughout the last two weeks of her experiment, my dislike for fruits has somehow vanished and I gradually started eating fruits. What really happened? Well, in the past when we watch the television together, she would always be holding a plate of cut fruits and eat them alone. But during the last two weeks of her experiment, I have unconsciously started sharing her fruits (to her delight), and without any conscious knowledge! Today, I just can't live without fruits, and there was never a day that went by without me eating any fruit.

This clearly goes to show that subliminal audio programs can work without any placebo effect as I am totally unaware of the fruits induction subliminal messages encoded in the soothing music I hear. The powerful subliminal affirmations were picked up by my subconscious mind, and the changes were done at the subconscious level.

Still skeptical about subliminal audio programs? Try them out! I personally recommend ordering subliminal audio programs from as the programs I ordered from them works and on top of that, they offer a money back policy too! So there is really nothing to lose from trying out subliminal audio programs.


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