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Successful Stories Page 2

The NLP Subliminal CD on Learn to Love Exercise work wonders! Now both my kids exercise daily, and my elder son is even joining the school marathon!
Marie Vanessa (Forbes, NSW)

My wife and I just got married a year ago, and our passion seems to have dropped. But thanks to ChargedAudio, we have started to enjoy sex with the same passion that we had before we got married. The feeling is awesome! Thanks again! ; )
Johnson Matthews ( Melbourne , Victoria )

Waking up on time has always been a problem for me. I tried means and ways to get myself to wake up but just couldn't get round to doing it.. I bought loud alarm clocks and set them at different times and at different corners of my room. But every time an alarm went off, I would stop it and immediately go back to bed. Once I even tried putting a wet towel beside the alarm clock for me to freshen up, but it didn't work either. Finally, after hearing from a friend about subliminal programs, I decided to give it a try. After all, the CD cost less the alarm clocks I buy. This small investment certainly did not disappoint! After listening to the CD for just about two weeks, I started waking up earlier and with more energy too!
Jonathan Allarces ( Pisa , Italy )

Early this year, I was promoted to be in charge of a group of agents. I was of course overjoyed as my income went up sharply. However, it wasn't easy managing a group of agents, and part of them were new to the line. My working hours got longer, and my stress level rose up too. As time went by, I got easily irritated and impatient. Finally, one of my top agents passed me the website address for ChargedAudio and briefly told me about the self-help audio programs. I explored the site and found what might be useful for me: Stress Management. I tried it and the results are certainly more than welcomed! I started to feel more at ease both at home and at work. Most importantly, I find myself falling in love with my job once again!
Catalina Claude ( Genova , Italy )

For the last three months, “Instant Deep Relaxation”, “Anti-Aging Phenomena”, and “Natural Skin Care” have been my bedside companions. I listened to them every night, and they have since brought me calmness, youthfulness, beautiful skin and of course, more suitors!
Angelina Jane, ( Rockingham , Western Australia )

I ordered the “Successful Stock Trading” CD three months ago when I was doing trading part-time. However, after listening to the CD everyday, my income from stock trading shot up and I have just quitted my job last week to do trading full-time!
Cassandra Wong ( Macau , Hong Kong )

I have been giving piano lessons for over five years and all my students came to know me through recommendations. I love playing the piano and have always dreamt of playing for large crowds or at restaurants. However I always freaked out and felt completely unconfident when such opportunities came. But after using the “Turbo Confidence Booster” CD for over two months, I find myself improving greatly in terms of confidence and I have also started to play the piano at restaurants and at wedding dinners!
Joon Park ( Seoul , Korea )

My wife stopped working ever since the baby came about six months ago, to be a full-time house wife. However, instead of being able to concentrate on taking care of the baby and housework, she became more and more anxious and was often unable to sleep well due to stress. I tried helping her with the housework and taking care of the baby when I am back home but nothing seems to help. Thankfully, my neighbor suggested using audio self-help programs. I went online and discovered I ordered the CD “Release Fear, Anxiety and Stress”, and after using it for a month, my wife's stress levels went down noticeably and she was sleeping a lot better at night too! Thanks ChargedAudio!
Peter Koh ( Singapore )

I'm in my early fifties now, and age must have caught up with me. My eye sight began failing me and I was unable to focus on objects far away. Driving at night soon became a nightmare. Three weeks ago however, my daughter-in-law bought me this Subliminal CD for Eyesight Improvement from ChargedAudio,and I started using it. The results are marvelous! My eye sight gradually improved and driving at night is no longer a nightmare!
Fransisca Veron, ( Manukau City , New Zealand )

Subliminal audio programs really work! I used to have premature ejaculation all the time. But after I tried the Subliminal CD: Premature Ejaculation Treatment, I gradually increased the time I take to ejaculate. Now I feel like a sex god when making love with my wife! Thank you very much!
Paul Lorrie ( Brisbane , Queensland )

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