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Successful Stories Page 3

I kept all distractions away and got my reports done on time all the time. They are all top quality work! It's simply awesome how the subliminal program helps me achieve such laser power concentration that gets things done.
Emily Perry , New York

My job at an express food outlet requires me to remember each customer's orders and pass the food to them when they are ready. Very often, I forget and get their orders mixed up. The store supervisor would tell me off and I would feel crushed. I did my best to remember their orders but nothing helped. The increased pressure only made me forget their orders faster. Finally, I read about subliminal technology from an acquaintance's web blog and subsequently ordered the subliminal CD for developing a photographic memory. The results are flabbergasting! I learnt to start relating the orders with the customer's face and their names too! My bewildered supervisors and colleagues asked if I took any kind of special medicine or course. Well let's just say I prefer to keep it a secret from them. =)
Jones Richard ( Newark , OH)

It has always been easy for me working in the marketing line as a freelance graphics designer. However, after I gave birth to my first child and stopped working for a year, I simply couldn't come up with fresh and exciting ideas like I used to. Stressed and weary, I tried all means and ways possible to regain my creativity but it just didn't come back. When I was on the verge of breaking down and giving it all up, my sister brought me this CD from and told me to try it out. Within a month I'm back on track! Creative ideas were flowing all around me! I am so happy now!
Tammy Alicia ( Harrisburg , PA )

Thanks Greg! Your Turbo Self-Confidence Booster really works wonders! Now I have no problems giving impressive and convincing presentations and my co-workers are all highly impressed with my rapid improvement!
Julia Shinta ( Rochester , NY )

Being able to socialize and talk to strangers has never been my forte. I did not know how dad got to hear about subliminal CDs, but the “Boost your Social Skills” subliminal CD that he got for me was great! No longer the shy boy I was previously, I am not only able to speak to others confidently, but have been able to gather lots of important contacts. Thanks ChargedAudio!
Edison Taylor ( Alexandria , LA )

I wouldn't know how I could have pulled it off without the “Achieving Self Discipline” subliminal CD from ChargedAudio. During the last few weeks of my intensive competition training, it accompanied me and gave me the discipline to push through my tough training schedule.
Fred Meur (Miramichi, RB)

Don't waste your time with other self-help programs that guarantee success. ChargedAudio is the only one that has worked for me, and I'm simply hooked onto this great feeling of accomplishment and success.
Ryan Hendervs (Louisbourg, NS)

ChargedAudio is one hell of a market price breaker. The price you are paying is nothing compared to the results you will achieve! Keep up the great work Greg. I love ChargedAudio.
Joseph Will ( Plattsburgh , VT )

This is amazing! I never knew I could finally stop smoking completely after being a smoker for the past fifteen years. All thanks to ChargedAudio, and of course, my lovely wife who had been putting up with my heavy smoking habits all these years.
Travis Murphy ( Normandin , QC )

Natural, healthy, stress-free permanent weight loss. Who would have thought it possible? Thank you chargedaudio!
Camille Daniel Cheys ( Columbia , TN )

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