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Successful Stories Page 4

I am so busy nowadays! My evenings are no longer spent at home watching television and surfing the Internet. With the “Irresistible Personal Attraction” CD from chargedaudio that I am listening to every night before bed, I have attracted a lot of friends to my life, and I am living my life to the fullest with many friends sharing common interests with me.
Catherine Fides ( Terrace Bay , ON )

No longer blinded by the dazzling headlights from the cars behind and on the opposite lanes, ChargedAudio's subliminal CD has certainly played a very important role in improving my eye sight. Thanks ChargedAudio and Gary!
Shirley Dubbs ( Brainerd , MN )

It was a painful sight to see my pretty daughter gain so much weight after high school. Her self-confidence and esteem has fallen from grace and my encouragements were anything but useful. Finally, my elder son James gave her a CD from ChargedAudio for Christmas last year and now my dear girl has shed off all those pounds and regained all her self-confidence! Fantastic work ChargedAudio!
Judith Lopez ( Austin , TX )

Unable to convince your clients and generate the sales volumes to take you to the top? Try ChargedAudio's “Ulitmate Sales Excellence”! I've been the top producing salesman for 2 months straight already. Its simply amazing!!
Stig Hoopers ( Garrison , ND )

Gloomy and stressed insomniac no more! My wife is now a sleeping beauty after using ChargedAudio's insomnia cure subliminal audio program. No pills, no side effects!
Lucas Andrew ( Green Lake , SK )

Tired and weary no more! My energy, spirit and motivation in all areas of my life have increased tremendously since I started using the “Fill yourself with Boundless Energy CD” from ChargedAudio. Life is wonderful!
Teddy J ( Athabasca , AB )

Natural PMS relief! My monthly depression and irritable feelings have gone and my family is no longer affected by my menstrual cycles. Thanks to the “Natural PMS Relief” CD from ChargedAudio.
Brigitte Amber (High Prairie, AB)

After being downsized and unable to find a job since late last year, my husband has lost all his motivation and confidence to step out and attend interviews. He would often stay at home all day watching television or go drinking. Fortunately my sister who heard my worries told me about I immediately checked it out and ordered the “Creating the Successful Man” NLP Subliminal CD. I kept it playing throughout the day while I was out at work, knowing that he will be listening to it. Nothing much seems to have changed until about six weeks later when he excitedly called to tell me that he has been offered a job that pays him twice of what he used to earn at his previous company. It turned out that he had actually spent the past month writing resumes and applying for jobs. After the resumes have been sent out, he spends his free time reading actively instead of going to the pubs. Thanks ChargedAudio!
Annie Dorie ( Burns Lake , BC )

No more the thin and frail guy nicknamed “Tiny” by others, I'm extremely grateful to ChargedAudio for its wonderful subliminal audio programs. After I ordered the “ Natural Body Building Program” three months ago listened to it twice everyday, my body has definitely grown much stronger and many others were asking me what supplements I am taking.
Jamie Shal ( Prince George , BC )

I playfully ordered the “Men's Mind-blowing Sex Enhancer” subliminal CD for my dear husband to try out. I didn't expect it to make any difference but I just can't deny it! Jacob (my husband) has definitely impressed and brought our sexual fulfillment to new highs!
Alicia Sanchez ( Seattle , WA )

Today is the tenth day I have not touched a cigarette for the past 38 years. Thank you, your stop smoking subliminal CD has proven itself to be a real life changer. Keep up the good work!
Teeme Alan ( Vancouver , WA )

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