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Subliminal Mp3

Subliminal Mp3


With the continual progression of technology, it was only a matter of time that more efficient media were developed to replace media of generations past. First came the subliminal tape, followed by the subliminal CD, and now with the ongoing development of the digital format, comes the subliminal MP3.

The fact is, the subliminal MP3 contains the same subliminal technology found in subliminal tapes and subliminal CDs of old, but in an all new format compressed into a single digital MP3 file. Obviously this has an added advantage over both subliminal tapes and subliminal CDs, because the subliminal MP3 is not prone to degeneration over time. It does not turn mouldy from disuse, nor can the digital format be damaged from a scratch to its recorded surface, because it does not exist in a physical format. It does not take physical space, and can be downloaded into virtually any MP3 player, and in an age when such players are getting smaller and smaller in size, the convenience of downloading a subliminal MP3 cannot be emphasized enough. Its digital format also allows for greater compression without compromising much of the inherent quality, allowing for a faster download time.

Available for download from self-improvement companies online, the subliminal MP3 provides all the self-help techniques previously available on subliminal tapes and CDs, without the hassle of having to find physical storage space for the decks and cases of self-improvement tapes and CDs. The same subliminal technology comprising of embedded positive affirmations and binaural beats allows those looking to unlock the untapped potential of their minds to do just that.
Apart from the enhanced compression rate, the audio quality of a subliminal CD is far more superior to that of a subliminal tape’s; it is crystal clear and is highly likely to remain so in years to come, unlike audio tapes and CDs.

Through the embedding of positive affirmations within soothing tracks, the subliminal MP3 encourages self-growth and self-development by ingraining within the subconscious mind the affirmations it needs to get itself and in turn the conscious mind geared towards success. With subliminal statements such as “I am healthy, I am 100% cured, I love myself”, the subliminal MP3 can really turn one’s life around for the better.