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Subliminal tape

An Article About Subliminal Tape

Subliminal technology has long been used by self-improvement gurus to help the masses in their quest for self-betterment, and it all began with the subliminal tape. The subliminal tape often contains positive affirmations embedded into an audio track. Such subtle affirmations are hidden under a “sound-mask” within the audio tape, and are received by the human brain at a subconscious level.

Positive affirmations, when ingrained into the mind at a subconscious level, can help change how the mind works. Because the subconscious is the predetermining factor of our conscious actions, when influenced by the ingrained positive affirmations the subconscious is able to in turn influence how we consciously react to certain scenarios or even how we perceive certain situations, effectively changing our outlook.

While it may not be a well-known fact, technology such as the subliminal tape has long been used in many areas, be it education, business, or even the military. The US army has been known to use a subliminal tape to boost its troops’ mental and physical capabilities for superior performance on the field.

However, one disadvantage of the subliminal tape is that often, such audio tapes are vulnerable to degeneration, more often than not moulding up after a long period of disuse. With the advent of new technologies in the audio recording industry, the subliminal tape is fast becoming obsolete as subliminal CDs and MP3s progressively replace the older generation medium.